Founder’s Story

My name is John C. Brooke.

The founding of Cash Flow Mastered, Inc. started with my sole proprietorship CPA firm in 1979.

My under-graduate work was in accounting and theoretical mathematics. I started in the CPA world in 1975 with Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co. (the largest of the “Big 8” accounting firms in the world).

Peat Marwick was a wonderful place for me to learn and develop CPA and business skills across auditing, tax, pension design, and management consulting. I was mentored by caring but demanding mentors who loved their technical work.

Under their tutelage, I grew in technical knowledge and a strong belief in the power of the tax code to accelerate success.

By watching others at Peat, I learned it was not what you knew but what you could get done for the client that was important.

Execution skills became as important to me as technical skills, and I have worked hard to improve both over my time in the CPA world.

My clients ranged from publicly traded companies to entrepreneurs, and so I gained a good understanding of the breath of the tax code and business management processes.

After 4-years there, I did not want to transfer and so started my own CPA firm.

Taxes and management consulting were the focus of the firm. The firm grew to have an office on the border with Mexico and a satellite location in the Washington, D.C. area.

These are examples of the work I performed in my CPA firm:

• I worked in the Silicon Valley starting with the first boom in a  variety of capacities.
• I worked with IPOs for companies going public.
• I did ERISA actuarial work.
• I did audit defense at all levels of IRS audits.
• I was a Trustee-in-Bankruptcy and headed creditor committees reorganizing companies so they could pay as much as possible to their debtors.
• I did projective statistical work for broker-dealers to model suggested portfolios.
• I did projective work for businesses wanting a workable roadmap to the future.
• While I did tax returns for a while, I stopped as the time drag prevented me from truly helping the clients.
• I did management consulting for companies and non-profits.

In December of 2005, having achieved what I thought were my grandest goals, I retired from public accounting.

However, I did not stay retired long for I developed “grander than grandest goals” and found other challenges I wanted to conquer.

After retirement, I still wanted to help entrepreneurs succeed.

The result of that “second career” is Cash Flow Mastered.

Cash Flow Mastered is certainly not for everyone and certainly not for every entrepreneur.

For those that match with us, I commit to an intense desire and effort to help you succeed on-time, on-budget and with the highest probability of success.

I make this commitment for me and for any team member you work with.

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You’ll gain a team standing by your side in your entrepreneurial battles until your victory is assured!

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