1This statistic is from proprietary research designed and maintained by John C. Brooke since the mid-1980s.  John started his CPA firm on 1 July 1979 after starting in 1975 with Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co., one of the Big-8 accounting firms of the time.  


Over time and using the clients of his CPA firm, John developed a large database to answer three key questions: (1) Is the general assumption of entrepreneurs they pay too much in tax correct?, (2) If so, what is the approximate percent of entrepreneurs  paying too much in taxes, and (3) For that percentage overpaying, are there broad-scale, common indicators to indicate why they are overpaying? 


The answers to these questions took time and effort.  By the mid-1980s, Johns research developed these very supportable and defensible answers : (1) Yes, their general assumption is correct and correct on a large scale, (2) 85%+ of all entrepreneurs pay too much in tax, and (3) There are common indicators consistent across this 85%+ overpayment population.  The 85%+ overpayment conclusion has remained constant since the mid-1980s through today.


Out of these answers, John built a mathematical-based Assessment that gathers information based on these broad-scale common indicators which can predictively estimate the amount of overpayment of tax.  This free Assessment  is contained on this website and no other authorized place.


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