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Building HOPE through the tax code

The first step to discovering your HOPE begins with the...

What Does The Assessment Tell You?

  • An estimated amount of tax overpayment
  • Provides broad-scale guidance on corrections needed to the 4 cornerstones of the tax code
  • The assessment analyzes your compliance to these 4 cornerstones

How you see your company today and tomorrow

Structure & Compliance

How you are legally organized to reduce taxes, maximize opportunities, and how you report those successes on your tax return


How you record the past and how you peer into the future


How you capture successes so you no longer need a salary to fund your lifestyle

Watch our video to learn more about the four cornerstones of the tax code.

85%+ of entrepreneurs pay too much in tax

Our advanced tax strategies help ensure you pay your fair share of taxes and receive these benefits for HOPE:

  • Optimal cash flow

  • Optimal equity value

  • Optimal exit strategies

  • Optimal debt repayment schedules

  • Optimal liability protection

  • Optimal achievement of your vision/goals

See if you are part of the 85% by taking this

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Cash Flow Mastered Advanced Tax Strategies

Our intense point of focus is your achievement.

What Cash Flow Mastered “sells” is helping your achieve your grandest vision on an accelerated timeline, on-budget, and with the highest probability of success.

How Cash Flow Mastered “does that” is by:

  • Truly understanding your grandest vision
  • Aligning key tax code sections compatible with your vision which provide the greatest amount of tax benefits
  • Clearly shows you the safe and prudent path developed by the tax code for your achievement
  • Being with you as a valued team member until your grandest vision is achieved

How Cash Flow Mastered “works” is a 3-step process akin to building a house:

Designing for HOPE

This stage is where we design a blueprint from the results of the assessment. This design is a strategic tax reduction plan created specifically for you.

Building with HOPE

Once your blueprint has been designed, we build. We implement the blueprint we designed and construct the tax saving strategy to receive every benefit allowed under the tax code law.

Living in HOPE

You now have designed and built your home. You have all the tools necessary to achieve your grandest vision. We work closely with you to turn your house into a home by monitoring and improving your plan.

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