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Your Vision is your view of future possibilities, how you will accomplish those possibilities, and how you define success. If your vision is not supported by appropriate tax code sections, you will have a much lower probability of success.

Designing for HOPE documents Your Vision by our proprietary Assessment. If you have not completed the Assessment, please go to www.Cash

Designing for HOPE supports Your Vision cornerstone by providing these services:

  • Documenting your vision.
  • Determining if your historically selected tax code sections hinder your vision by estimating the amount of taxes you overpay.
  • Determining the optimal tax code sections needed to advance your goals and eliminate your overpayment of taxes.
  • Selecting the tax code sections needed to accelerate the realization of Your Vision.



Structure is how you are legally organized for success. If you do not have optimal structure, your vision is hindered, and you pay too much in tax.

  • Documenting your current tax structure.
  • Determining if your current tax structure strongly supports the achievement of your vision.
  • Determining your optimal tax structure for cash flow optimization and maximum liability protection.


Compliance is how you’ve previously filed your tax returns. Poorly filed tax returns, tax returns filed mindlessly by software, and tax returns not supporting your vision severely hinder the achievement of your vision.

Designing for HOPE tax services support your Compliance cornerstone by providing these services:

  • Reviewing your last 3-years of filed tax returns.
  • Determining if amendments need to be filed or reported in the current tax year.
  • Determining if there is an opportunity for industry-specialized deductions and credits that have not been utilized on your historical returns.



Measurement is how your processes flow and what and how you track economic performance. Without proper measurement, you waste tremendous amounts of cash flow and severely hinder the achievement of your vision.

Designing for HOPE supports your Measurement cornerstone by:

  • Determining your expense and debt process flow.
  • Conforming your expense and debt flow to the tax code.
  • Determining what analytical measurements are needed.



Exit is how you are building for a time when you can live comfortable on your past successes. The right time to start building is now and the way to build is by following the safe paths of the tax code.

Designing for HOPE supports your Exit cornerstone by:

  • Determining the optimal tax code sections to begin building your exit.
  • Determining the optimal monies to allocate to your exit.
  • Ensuring you are receiving the greatest tax benefits for funding your exit.



CFM has teamed up with LegacyShield to offer our premier clients a secure location to share and store your essential documents. In Designing for HOPE, you will provide 3 years of tax returns and a data sheet to complete your strategy. Your privacy is protected by using LegacyShield, a secure vault with bank-level security encryption.

CFM offers 3 months FREE as part of your Designing for Hope package. A few benefits of LegacyShield:


  • This is where you will store/share your Tax Returns and Data sheet with CFM
  • Tax Returns
  • Will/Trust documents
  • Marriage/birth certificates


  • Add all important account information into portal
  • Finance
  • Memberships
  • Storage locations


  • Contacts
  • Where you want to be buried
  • What you want at your funeral service


  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Recipes

After the FREE 3 months of using LegacyShield, you have the option to keep using it for $10 per month. CFM will let you know when your 3 months are almost over. At that time, you can let us know if you’d like to continue.

Estimated Timeframe to Complete Services

While each client is unique and requires a customized approach, typically it takes 14-days to complete these services from the time we receive the following:

  • Signed engagement letter
  • Last 3 years of filed personal and business tax returns.
  • Measurement cornerstone debt and expense data sheet.


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