Building with HOPE




The services provided in Building with HOPE are the foundation needed for achievement of your grandest life vision on an accelerated timeline, on-budget, and with the highest probability of success.

Your needed services are explained using the 4-cornerstones of the tax code.

The 4-cornerstones of the tax code are:

  • Your vision: Why you work? And What is your grandest life vision?
  • Structure and Compliance: How you are legally structured to capture successes and how you report successes on your tax forms.
  • Measurement: How you know where you have been, where you are, and where you are likely to be going.
  • Exit: How do you multiply your cash flow to fund your grandest life vision.


Vision Cornerstone

Services provided:

  • Determine your vision, your current strategic tax structure, and your estimated amount of overpayment of taxes by completing your personalized assessment. We gather this information after you complete the Assessment.
  • Complete the survey What do you really want to accomplish?
  • Change the tax code sections used in the historical preparation of your tax return to advance your goals as fast as carefully and prudently possible.


Structure and Compliance Cornerstone

 Services provided:

  • Form or re-purpose and existing domestic C-corporation as the on-top funnel of all your economic activity.
  • Form or re-purpose two (2) LLCs serving as strategic tax, management, and liability protection entities.
  • Build high-levels of liability protection into the C-corporation and into the LLCs.
  • Transfer appropriate ownership and assets into the C-corporation and LLCs.
  • Prepare a management\operating agreement between the C-corporation and the LLCs. Build all formations and agreements compliant with federal and state laws for your resident state.
  • Build a Section 125 plan to provide fringe benefits and migrate personal (after-tax) expenses to pre-tax business deductions.
  • Build a corporate-sponsored deferred compensation plan for current and future tax benefits.
  • Ensure structure is fully supportive of your vision.
  • Change the flow of tax attributes to match your vision and strategic tax design.
  • Build a tax return reporting process that is prudent, reasonable, defensible, and fully supportive of your vision.
  • Build a tax return reporting process that faithfully follows your structure.
  • Build a tax return reporting process that tracks specialized tax strategy options like research and development credits and cost segmentation for real estate.
  • Ensure compliance reporting on all tax forms follows your vision and follows the corporate structure.


Measurement Cornerstone

 Services provided:

  • Conform your debt and expense flows with best practices of the tax code.
  • Build appropriate analytical reports as produced from your accounting system. (These analytical reports are not part of your current accounting software and will need to be custom-build specifically for your specific company and specific management needs. We will build these reports.)
  • Remodel and expand your chart of accounts to ensure full realization of all tax benefits and available tax strategy options including research and development credits and cost segmentation.


Exit Cornerstone

 The Exit Cornerstone is given the least attention during the Building For HOPE process as it relates to these concepts:

  • Determining the existing cash flow levels for the business.
  • Determining the processes needed to dramatically increase cash flow.
  • Determining the processes so your business will be valued at a strong multiple of cash flow (called equity value).
  • Determining how to use that strong multiple of cash flow (equity value) to fund your vision every day forward.

These determinations cannot be productively accomplished until (1) Building For HOPE is completed and (2) we have an expanded timeframe (at least a year) for this cornerstone.

Therefore, in Building For HOPE, only the following services are provided.

Services provided:

 Drill-down on your current operational strengths and weaknesses by completing our survey Collecting Your Vision: Exit Survey.

  • Identify key players needed for you to reach your success.

 Time Frame to Complete

While each individual client differs, usually it takes about three (3) months to complete all the services listed in this engagement letter and ensure they are fully functional. This timeframe is dependent upon many factors including your timing of providing the information needed.

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