No entrepreneur deserves a commodity CPA.

A commodity CPA deals primarily in the past…historical financial records and preparation of tax returns…and does not have the time or energy to help the client win their battlefield victories. Most commodity CPAs truly want to be on the battlefield being a warrior for their clients, but they are not.

Most CPAs of entrepreneurs provide commodity services of historical financial statements and tax returns. Needed services to be sure, but not battlefield services.

Every entrepreneur deserves a HERO CPA. Without a HERO CPA your probability of making your impact, of achieving your dreams, is diminished.

One of our founder’s missions is to have all CPAs be a HERO CPA because that is what entrepreneurs want and deserve.

We change commodity CPAs into battlefield HERO CPAs.

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Did the comment about the commodity CPA ring true to you? Did the comment that most CPAs want to be a HERO CPA but do not know how to make the conversion ring true to you? If so, you are not alone.

Most CPAs want to be a warrior for their client but do not understand the tax code process to make the change from commodity to HERO CPA.

We understand how to make that change. Our founder made that change in his CPA practice back in the 1990s.

How long will it take for you? 1-day and then the rest of your professional career.

1-day as we offer a complete, turn-key, white-label HERO CPA back office for you. On Day1 you are offering HERO CPA services to your clients without the need for immediate and drastic changes to your current commitments, personnel, or commodity revenue flow.

Our goal is not to stay in your back office.

Our goal is to teach, show, mentor, and develop you to be a self-sustaining HERO CPA.

This will take the rest of your professional career as you learn the HERO paths of the tax code, apply them to your entrepreneurial clients, stand in the battlefield with them, helping them achieve their victory, and growing in wisdom of knowledge unleashing the power of the tax code.

We promise you your journey to a HERO CPA will be fantastically rewarding…rewarding for you and rewarding for your clients!

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You’ll gain a team standing by your side in your entrepreneurial battles until your victory is assured!

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